Cleaning house!

Well hello there.

After some time and discussion we decided we should probably clean up the website a bit where it needed it. We spent some time one night cleaning up the spam accounts and fixing some of the pages and text. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m excited to see what all can be done with this site. We might even start to use it!

Fun fact, there were over 26 THOUSAND spam accounts we deleted. Understandably, this was a process. Because there was realistically no simple way to find the few real accounts, we deleted pretty much everything. So yes, your account does not exist anymore. But it’s fine, you can remake it.

So there you go, a brief explanation why you could not log in. You’re welcome.

Much love and see you guys around,



Update 2/6/2014:

Have changed a bunch of the site and the few spam accounts we had again, but for some reason a few real accounts got cleared again. Working on not letting that happen again, so recreating your account should be for the last time.

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