Site Changes

So I took a few hours this morning to clean up the site a bit. I am working on making the Menu and hope to sort out different categories to make it look a little more clean. I also moved and updated the Members list but I don’t know if I got everything. If you happen to see a =CDA= member not listed please let me know. Also I reworked the rules and updated them on the Mumble welcome message.

To help you guys imagine my vision I figured I would share my to do list:

  • Work on the Media page some more. I will be hopefully making the screen shots and =CDA= Meme page look a little more organized as well. The YouTube page will hopefully have links to all of our different channels as well as the CDAGaming Channel.
  • On the Members page I may add descriptions if we want to do so but I want us to decide as a group on those instead of one person writing them.
  • I hopefully will mess around with the actual design and visuals of the site i.e. changing the color scheme and maybe font? This will come after content though.
  • I was thinking about reworking and defining the Application Process. Although again, I would prefer to do this as a group.
  • I’m going to revise the About CDA page probably.
  • Still have to add a better CAPTCHA.
  • Going to add more =CDA= Memes.
  • Maybe eventually add an incentive to check the website.

I will keep adding to this list as I think of things, but I have to go currently. Figured I would write this out before I left though.

  • Oh, I will probably be adding a blog/update area where these posts will be going eventually as well.

- JTux

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