About CDA

=CDA= is a collection of strangers that met over online gaming.

CDA stand for “Certified DumbAss”.  If you ask what CDA means in-game, you will most likely get a sarcastic response such as “Cock Dick Ass”. We’re weird. You will oftentimes see us referring to something along the lines of “We are certified”, meaning we probably just did something completely stupid.

The clan started with =CDA= JTux and =CDA= Maverick. Over time, people got together, people left, people were banned, blah blah blah and BOOM CDA.  We do not play to win.  We play to have fun.  Sometimes having fun involves winning.

Although =CDA= originally started focused around the mod DayZ for ArmA II, we have expanded to other games.

We have some Youtube videos – “MiscDayZ” (Discontinued) and our newest (Still in work) “CDA Clan”. We make videos because we enjoy editing and sharing our experiences with the world. We don’t care about views, how “gay” our voices sound, or how bad we may look. If for nothing else, we do it to share what we do with other members.

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