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    Hey Jtux. Sorry about linking the doodie porn, I was having a fun time and went a little over the top with linking that. I know that most of the time I just sit there and mess with you guys, and because of that I can see why you wouldn’t want to lift the ban, but I actually enjoy playing with you guys and I like the people in it. Well anyways sorry about linking it, I didn’t mean for it to be taken in the wrong way, was just having fun and it was a stupid decision for me to link it, since it isn’t the most pleasant thing to look at. Well anyways sorry about the trouble and maybe you will consider unbanning me, then I’ll try not to link anymore disgusting porn, just the good stuff. i kid, i kid, no more porn or controversial links and I could also be less of a faggot.



    luve u











    =CDA= JTux



    In the time you have been allowed in our Mumble you have been warned and warned again about your attitude and actions. I feel I have made it clear multiple times that I wish to maintain a certain level of maturity and respect towards the rules that are in place. Yes rules sometimes such to follow, I understand that. In your situation your history added up to enough. Sometimes it is bothersome with the links you guys (yes I know it isn’t just you all the time) but I can often ignore it if I am left out of it. This instance though you specifically joined my channel and sent me the entire history of the conversation, mainly all the links of the “doodie porn” you had sent. That and your previous behavior was enough for me.


    This being said, the ban is staying for at minimum a week. At that point I will reassess and may consider a probation period for you. So think about that, because if you are let back in you will be expected to have perfect behavior.


    =CDA= JTux

    Consider yourself on probation. You’re unbanned, but you are expected to behave the entire time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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