Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is made up of rules we present you with which are meant to be followed if you are someone who is:

  • An official member of =CDA=.
  • Accessing our Mumble.
  • Playing any games along with =CDA=.


Now the rules are split into 3 different categories:

  1. General Rules;
    • These apply to everything involved with =CDA=. Most of these will be, well, general. They apply to the Site and Mumble Rules as well.
  2. Site Rules;
    • These will be special rules that apply specifically to the
  3. Mumble Rules;
    • These will be special rules that apply specifically to the =CDA=’s Mumble.


General Rules:

  1. Respect players
    • Some trash talking is inevitable; at least try to not start it yourself.
  2. Do not promote any combination of pineapple and pizza.
    • It simply goes against nature.
  3. Show maturity to at least some degree
    • Of course gaming is a get-away; but be reasonable with how you act.
  4. Limit the swearing.

    • It is most likely unnecessary anyways.
  5. Absolutely no hacks / mods whatsoever
    • You will be INSTA-BANNED if you are caught cheating. Playing fair is important and valued.
  6. No team killing
    • Killing teammates under any circumstances will not be tolerated unless in a declared =CDA= PvP period.
  7. Anyone who is new or not officially =CDA=, listen to those who are
    • They have been with the group long enough to know how things work.
  8. Watch what you say and link
    • Please DO NOT link anything that could be considered explicitly NSFW. If you are about to link something that is so, let others know it may not be something they want to view.
  9. Do not attempt to impersonate =CDA= members
  10. Remember that your actions and attitudes may reflect on =CDA= as a whole, including your Username/Handle
    • When accepting people into =CDA= we are recognizing that we approve of this person in multiple ways, including their actions. Because of this, all members are expected to have mature and appropriate usernames. These include those in Mumble, In Game Names, and others such as Steam.


Site Rules:

  1. Forums are provided to be utilized, not spammed
  2. Always keep forum content relatively clean
    • Tag it NSFW if it is.
    • Pornography will always be deleted.
  3. Do not spam applications
    • If you are applying for =CDA=, give the application time at least one month before applying again. Before reposting, go ahead and bump your topic if you haven’t gotten a response in this time.


Mumble Rules:

  1. If any one of the Mumble admins tells you to stop saying something or acting in a certain way, stop
  2. Anyone in =CDA=’s Mumble is declared friendly unless otherwise stated
    • This means attacking them in game is friendly fire.
  3. Respect others. Disrespect may vary in punishment, if it is extreme enough it will be moved to temp bans faster than kicks
    • Note: This rule applies to children as well. The difference is that there are no second chances to acting in an inappropriate manner towards kids. If a (young) child is present, act appropriately. We take this seriously.
  4. Do not spam the Mumble with useless nonsense
    • This includes objects such as Train Whistles.
  5. If you have any powers, do not abuse them
  6. Tag it NSFW if it is.


*These rules can be changed at any time. You can only be punished for a rule after it is made though.

Rules last updated: 2/26/2017

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